VMETS UAOD technology is applicable to different petroleum products including natural gas liquids (NGL), gasoline, kerosene and diesel, reducing the Sulphur content to 10 parts per million (ppm) or less, meeting or exceeding the ultra low sulfur (ULS) transportation fuel standards of most countries and successfully reduced sulfur content in refined oil products by at least 97%.

Ultrasonic Assisted Oxidative Desulphurization

Technology Highlights

Process Flow Diagram

vmet uods process flow chart

Process Flow Diagram

  • Capacity:  10,000barrels per day oil feedstock
  • Size:  20’X6’
  • Operatingcosts:  $1.50 per barrel including power, ultrasonic wearable parts and catalyst
  • Powerrequirements:  75 – 95 KWatts at 480 Voltage, 3 Phase for double line unit
  • Lifecycle:  20years excluding wearing parts

Desulphurization Relative Difficulty

Sulfur in refined fuel streams generally occurs from the following compounds:

Challenges of Traditional Hydrodesulphurization (“HDS”)

  • Capitalcosts: high
  • Operatingcosts: high utilities, labour, catalyst use, hydrogen
  • Operatingcomplexity: high pressure, high temperature, safety
  • Efficiency:less effective at converting complex cyclic sulfur compounds
  • Carbonfootprint: hydrogen use and energy (heat/pressure) use

Benefits of VMETS UAOD Technology

Traditional HDS VMETS UAOD
Hydrogen addition Yes No
Pressure 2000 PSI 50 PSI or less
Temperature 300-400℃ 80℃ or less
Operating costs $4-5/bbl. $ 1.5 / bbl.
Movable No Yes
Modular and capacitive No Yes
Removal of complex sulphur compounds Less effective removal of Sulphur in cyclic compounds Effective with all Sulphur compounds
Operation Complex, several operators Simple, 1 to 2 operators
Effect on octane/cetane number Reduced No effect

Benefits of VMETS UAOD Technology

  1. Cost effective, scalable solution to developing market for hydrocarbon fuel desulphurization
  2. Applicable to a broad range of feed fuels (gasoline, naphtha, diesel, etc.)
  3. Economic and regulatory demand drivers
  4. Carbon footprint minimization
  5. Proven technology: commercial trials have demonstrated effectiveness of process, scalability and commercial readiness

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