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We have a strong R&D team to keep up to date with the latest market information and the latest technological developments. Our research and development team is able to integrate institutional, electric control, petroleum refining, waste oil regeneration, biodiesel , waste recycling, and other specialized fields, and continuously conducts application research with experts and investors from various countries to combine equipment development and market demand to provide the best products for our customers.

VMETS’s manufacturing department does not only sell complete equipment, but also offers the production and assembly of the best single-phase equipment on the market today. More than 20 skilled assembly technicians provide customers with the most precision-made products in a timely manner, with the highest standards and requirements in the world, and with quality assurance and correctness. Ende has currently undergone stringent domestic and international inspections and certifications, such as ISO: 9001 and ISO: 9002, CE and EPA.

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The technologies used in our equipment

TFE(Thin Film Evaporator)

To remove the moisture and light hydrocarbons out of waste oil efficiently without damaging the oil substances, avoiding the water & light HC to be mixed in the final product oil and increasing the flash point, which is an important part ensuring continuous operation.

Oil Upgrading via Hydrodynamic Cavitation

Hydrodynamic Cavitation assisted oxidative desulfurization for diesel. Vapor cavities formed in the cavitating device are then collapsed which generate (in-situ) oxidizing species which react with the sulphur moiety resulting in the removal of sulphur from the organic phase.

Real Fractionation Column

Precisely calculated data of Nos. & distances of column plates, plus the VMETS patented packings to ensuring the optimal effect of gas-liquid mass transfer process, completely separate the light HC out of your feedstock to get precise cuts of diesel fractions. Ensuring the high flash point and cetane number of produced diesel fuel.

Ultrasonic Energy Oxidative Desulfurization

Ultrasound-assisted heterogeneous catalytic oxidation process was applied to eliminate sulfur from commercial diesel fuel oil to produce EURO IV and EURO V standard diesel. And it was found that under the researched conditions, increasing oxidizing agent concentration and the application of ultrasound energy can enhance the sulfur removal from commercial diesel fuel oil.

Exclusive De-sulfur Technology

VMETS Sulfur Removal Unit was developed by our chemical engineers with VMETS formulated & customized sulfur removal catalysts and adsorbents which are able to bring the sulfur down to 50ppm without getting hydrogen involved. Used lubricant feedstock gets better oil product even less 10ppm.

ZERO Environment Impact

Fully enclosed distillation system, VMETS Patented Exhaust purification, sludge recycling technologies ensuring ZERO pollutions to the environment. -Turning emission into CO2 & H2O -Complete deodorization system -Optional equipment for sludge recycling