Vapor Recovery Unit

Vapor Recovery Unit

Why Equipped with a Vapor Recovery System? Vapor is one of the organic solvents that volatilize downstream in oil and gas operations.

VMETS vapor recovery unit is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly high-tech. It uses VOCs recovery technology to recover oil and gas discharged during storage, transportation, and loading and unloading. It can prevent air pollution caused by oil and gas volatilization and eliminate potential safety hazards. And can reduce economic losses by improving energy efficiency, thereby obtaining considerable returns.


Application field

VMETS Vapor Recovery Unit can be used in all aspects of petrochemical storage and transportation. The device adopts the basin oil absorption process, which can well recover all kinds of volatilized oil and gas. It can be used in many fields: such as: oil and chemical storage tank “breathing gas” oil and gas recovery in oil and chemical irrigation areas: oil and chemical oil and chemical recovery in factories, docks, etc. recycling, etc.


Process characteristics

VMETS Vapor Recovery Unit is a combined oil and gas recovery device through the process of “shallow cold absorption + multi-stage adsorption + regeneration recovery”. It can adapt to the fluctuation of oil and gas volume within a certain range, and can realize oil and gas recovery and waste gas treatment at normal temperature. The device is equipped with automatic instruments and control systems such as micro-pressure and temperature to ensure unattended and safe operation of the oil and gas recovery system.

Vapour Recovery Unit
Vapour Recovery Unit flow chart

Process principle

Market demand

◆ Environmental protection, economy, energy saving, safety
◆ Reduce upstream wellhead half-gas emissions or flare combustion, optimize purification for condensate recovery and sale, and use purified gas to produce electricity and heat
◆ Reduce downstream VOCs emissions and sell them as organic solvents through efficient condensation recovery

Vapour Recovery Unit

Use VMETS' Vapor Recovery Solutions for All Your Recovery Needs

With VRU, industries can safely recover exhaust gas and other air pollutants, ensuring compliance with emissions regulations. For the most efficient vapor recovery system, use the services of industrial gas solutions specialist VMETS.

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